a little luxury

$10.50 for a roast chicken from Coles is a LOT of money to me. But I was really rather tired of the tough, stringy, super ‘old’ $2.99 per kg chicken thighs from Red Lea, so I decided to give myself a little treat, after an exhausting day yesterday. I was also far too tired to face the prospect of more cooking. Here are the results of roast chicken and more roast chicken meals!

It has been physical punishing. And mentally draining, not to mention the mounting anxiety. Taking longer than I had planned for me to move in and settle down to full throttle work at my new art studio. A fabulous space, most grateful for it, I nearly burst into tears of appreciation when I saw the space! But… cut a long story short, I only really got to move in a few days ago. And managed to get a table yesterday. After spending some time rearranging my things and getting Lucy acquainted with the place, I left her at home and scooted off to East Gate for some food shopping. That was when I smelled the roast chicken, and I just had to have one!

I tell myself, it’s ok, I will make this stretch. But at the rate I am going, I think… not!

P.S. Don’t feed this to your dog, whatever you do, even tiny little morsels! Well, I gave Lucy a few tiny slivers because she lurks so longingly in the kitchen whenever I am there. Later that night, in bed, she began to quiver a little and she looked a little like a friend I know who is mildly allergic or sensitive to MSG, and gets shaky after having had too much of the seasoning. I was really worried, and sat by her stroking her for a good while, then she seemed to get over it and fell asleep. My greedy greyhound can smell, from inside the room, exactly what I am handling in the kitchen. She loves meats of course, if I was washing salad leaves, she doesn’t move from the bed! Maybe it’s just her, she has sensitive digestion, but I made a mental note never to feed her even the tiniest bit of Coles roast chicken ever again! (Too salty yes, but I don’t give her anything like this often at all, and she was ok after having the bacon given to her by the nice cafe owner downstairs, so I thought, what’s a tiny morsel going to do? Well, I was wrong. No more!)


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