cucumber break

cucumber salad

cucumber salad

Right, I need a break. Renovating is not an easy job. Easier and much more fun to build from scratch. My head is pounding, even after a nice walk and playtime with Lucy. I think it is time for sustenance!

I bought 2 small Lebanese cucumbers at Harris Farms the day before. Cucumbers are expensive here in Australia, even at special price, these two costs 3 times what I would pay at home. But I love cucumber and I decided to give myself a treat.

The Malay name for cucumber is timun. There is a yummy and refreshing pickle popular in Malaysia and Singapore called sambal timun – cucumber pickled in sambal belachan. Well, I didn’t quite whip up a dish of sambal timun, but I did make a little refreshing salad with slices of cucumber, lime juice, Thai fish sauce, a dash of sambal chilli (the Nonya version, not the Malay one) and a spoonful of Lucy’s tuna in vegetable oil. Simple, somewhat make-shift, but YUMMY!

Back to the word-renovations now. Seriously, this is a major massive job!


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