acid rainbow

acid rainbow cake, anyone? (photo from Brit&Co)

acid rainbow cake, anyone? (photo from Brit&Co)

There’s a craze out there, all trendy among the youngish baking set, especially the breeders. Rainbow Cake!

Not a day goes by on Facebook that I do not see an instagram photo upload of someone’s most recent attempt at Rainbow Cake making, or a feed about Rainbow Cake classes etc.

I am naturally attracted to strong colours, sometimes even the strong, acid colours. I like my food colourful too. But I stop at the Rainbow Cake. No, thank you. The acid colours so popular in current versions of the Rainbow Cakes are fun in furniture, even soft furnishings, or decorative objects. However, when they all congregate together, layer upon layer, in one single entity that is supposed to be eaten, I balk at the visual effect. OK, I am sure it tastes marvelous, but I cannot bring myself to actually eat anything that looks like that. I am not sure why. The brain does strange things, and makes quirky associations. And while everyone is gaga over this new trendy cake, just looking at the photos, knowing that the things are supposed to be food, makes me recoil.

Happy Rainbow Caking, though. Don’t let me stop you! Here’s a link to a recipe at the fabulous Brit & Co site: Rainbow Madness (how aptly titled).


8 thoughts on “acid rainbow

    • Indeed, that was my second thought, when the brain began to start churning after my immediate sensory reaction! Perhaps my senses were telling me to avoid artificial colouring because I am actually quite reactive to too much artificial additions to my food! 🙂

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