no parking!

no parking!

no parking!

No parking here, or you’ll be run down! OK, so that isn’t quite what the sign says, but that is the way I am now feeling. (My French isn’t really good at all, but I think the sign actually says that that is a busy thoroughfare for vehicles, so you mustn’t park your car there.)

Suffering from mental fatigue. But very often, one has to do what one dislikes, in order to make some money, so that one can do what one likes. So, I have been hard at work all day, engaging in a mentally strenuous task that entails reading a lot of words, making sense of the words in my head, then rewording the lot of words so that they make better sense to the readers of that document. It’s not torturous at all, but it is a mentally and physically ponderous exercise. I feel like a mouse having to carry an elephant  uphill. And, no, I cannot afford to stop and park anywhere. My exhibition is coming up, I still don’t have a table in my art studio, and I still haven’t gathered all my work material there, or laid them out neatly yet. I cannot afford the $50 moving fee to move the things in my home to the space, so I have to carry them myself, bit by bit. But, I am not griping about the space at all, it is a beautiful space, I love it ever so much, and I really do want to start working in it – fuller than full steam ahead!

I have allocated the weekend to the task of sorting and rearranging the whole lot of words. No parking. Keep going. Or you’ll be run over!


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