char siew pork salad

char siew salad, anyone?

char siew salad, anyone?

Well, I am still eating my way through that pork belly char siew bake, remember? And the $1 giant iceberg lettuce too.

I actually dislike iceberg lettuce, but nowadays, I just eat what is cheap and whatever my sensory neurons are able to stomach without churning and screaming. Iceberg lettuce is ok, and even at normal price, it is cheap. But I definitely couldn’t go on a chicken gizzard or chicken liver diet, just because it is cheap (and it is!), so there are some limitations to my desperation.

This salad was quite good – I dressed it with the usual mixture of flaxseed oil, soy sauce and wasabe (it’s either wasabe or mustard for me). I have run out of rice, pasta and noodles, so I decided I ought to have a carb-free dinner anyway. Plenty of char siew bake and lettuce left, it isn’t time to hit the shops just yet.



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