I’ve mentioned several times that Lucy is my beautiful wake up call. And she does have a good sense of time. I have never liked alarm clocks – even the softest beeping digital alarms tend to do what their description says, literally, “alarm.”

Since childhood, alarm clocks of any kind, the very function of an alarm at all, triggered sensory anxiety. Sometimes to the point of severely raised heartbeat and subsequently rage and confusion. I did away with morning alarms when I stopped working as a preschool teacher in my sister’s private establishment. Somehow, my body knew when it needed to wake up, and I no longer felt the same level of tension thereafter. However, I still do use an alarm when traveling: when I need to catch a flight, or wake up in time for a meeting etc.

Nowadays, I have Lucy to wake me in the mornings, a little shuffle, a snuggle and gentle prod from the long velvet nose, pressing her paw against me, or a tiny whine. Sometimes, she vocalises, but I am afraid the neighbours will complain, so I hush her up. What better way to start the day? The sweet smell of Lucy in bed, a very cute visual of her black silhouette in the darkness (it is still dark-ish at 5.30am) and when I switch on the bedside lamp, that face is filled with so much joy to see me. My lovely little Black Beauty. That is what the shoe repair shop guy calls her, Black Beauty, after the horse (in the famous book).

And the dawning sky is beautiful too. Lucy and I love to look out of the window after our morning cuddles, as we get out of bed and prepare to go out on our very first walk of the day.


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