itch ouch

This one is all about texture and touch. I have been thinking about haptic sensations and associations quite a lot lately. Kitchen cloths. A nasty insect bite. And an eclectically textured dinner. Unlikely trio and hardly a harmonious sonata here, but I shall end today’s blogging activity with these three persistent themes of the day.

I have four kinds of kitchen cloths. I was experimenting with cheap kitchen cloths. The key word is “cheap,” of course. The first, re-cycled hand towels – when they don’t look so great anymore in my bathroom, I transfer them to the kitchen. Second, the square thick waffled ones the size of face towels. Then, there are the longer thinner waffled cloths the length of hand towels. Finally, my newest acquisitions, the bright orange micro-fibre cloths. Well, really don’t care what miracles people claim micro-fibre works as a cleaning weapon – to me, the texture is just horrible. I can ‘hear’ squeaking sounds as soon as I touch the things. The feel of it in my fingers and hands is squidgy and tacky, especially when the towel is dry. Ugh. Still, I paid good money for the two – $3 for the pair – so I am going to use them. The recycled hand towels are just that, towels, and they are great for wiping dishes with because they absorb moisture well and yet do not feel squidgy nor do they trigger the same irritating sonic associations. But my favourites are the waffle cloths. Rough, yes, but I like this kind of roughness because of the ‘dry sounds’ that they make in my hands. And the waffle cloths are great for picking up tiny bits of dirt – I have a few others for Lucy’s paws. On wet days, after wiping her paws with baby wet wipes, I use a waffle cloth to dry off and remove the tiny bits of dirt and mud.

What is your take on textures and kitchen towels?

I have been obsessed about and driven crazy by the insect bite. My little finger has swollen to twice its original size, it’s itching badly and the sensations are really distracting. Sigh. Yes, I do know I have to brave it out and all will be back to normal in a few days. For now, I have an ‘elephant’ finger that is hot, stiff, fat and itchy.

I reached for comfort food, of course. What else? Pretty colours do help cheer me up. Oh, by the way, apart from this plate of glass noodle chicken pepper lettuce salad that you see in the photo, I also ate up what was supposed to be tomorrow’s lunch. Another chicken thigh and the rest of the peppers. What can I say? I needed it.


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