red bell peppers

Red and orange bell peppers are my favourite peppers / capsicums. They are so crazily expensive here in Australia, I do wonder why? Anyhow, I was at Paddington Market on Saturday with Lucy. She was riveted by the acrobatic performance taking place just in front of the vegetable stall. We stood there for awhile, she wanted to watch and won’t be dragged away until it ended. I spied the lime selling at 5 for $3, and I decided I’d buy 5. The nice chap at the stall gave me 6! Then I saw two giant sized but not very pretty red bell peppers = $1.50 each. Still expensive, but cheaper than the ones at Coles, though less attractive. I guess the smaller farmers don’t use that much fertiliser and other stuff? Anyhow, here is what I bought, and my lunch spread today.

I baked the peppers with olive oil and garlic, marinaded Thai style with fish sauce. Miam! It goes well with pasta, so I made spaghetti – besides, I’d run out of noodles. The baked chicken was good too. Dessert – more of that Rice Krispies chocolate coconut brownie slices. Green tea with honey and lime juice was good to wash it all down with.

Lucy had a few slivers of chicken as a treat – she usually stalks me when I am in the kitchen, waiting for goodies to come her way!


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