more oodles of noodles

So, haven’t I already mentioned before that I am quite hooked on noodles? I do prefer noodles to rice or pasta. Easier to cook, and faster, and much less washing up than cooking rice. Above are photos of the two results of a recent noodle spree.

I rather overdid the vegetable shopping at Harris Farm two days ago. The bokchoy was on special, and I just couldn’t resist a bunch of kangkong, even though it looked rather soggy. Yes, the kangkong was indeed rather soggy, and in the end, after sorting out the rotted leaves and stalks, I was left with only half the original bunch. I do wonder why the Australian farmers grow the Asian vegetables to such humongous proportions? These are regarded as ‘old’ and usually discarded in Asia. We prefer our veggie ‘younger’, harvested earlier and thus more succulent and fresh. Anyhow, I have no choice. Take it or leave it. What I do is to cut it up and cook for longer.

I was asked how to cook kangkong (labelled by its Cantonese name in Harris Farm as hungchoy) – I was happy to explain, and I think I rather went on a bit. I realised afterwards that I must’ve come across as rather strange, since in my enthusiasm for the subject, I forgot to look at the woman’s eyes, but instead regressed into my autistic penchant for focusing on the mouth and the object of interest, in this case, the vegetable. Oh well. I hope she did manage to get a few tips anyhow.


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