curry in a hurry

I had curry for dinner tonight. Lousy. It was supposed to be Singapore style curry. The Asian Home Gourmet Singapore Curry spice mix was really quite a disappointment. To save the dish, I threw in the last two minced beef patties and the gravy. It made it better. Thankfully, I had the last portion of yoghurt and the second last apricot to save the evening. The yoghurt wasn’t all that great either. But it was on special offer. My budget for yoghurt is $4 a week.

Right. I have established it once and for all. I personally dislike the Asian Home Gourmet spice mixes. The ones I have tried thus far are worse than poor, they are just horrible. Extreme? Probably. But I have hypersensitivity. So sensory reactions are often quite extreme. Remember, just imagine your senses turned up to full volume, as full as full can be, and not being able to turn them down. So, yes, horrible. However, I am in no position to waste stuff – though giving it away goes against my mental grain, I mean, how could I give something that I deem horrible to a friend? And I don’t have enemies here, not even anywhere else, no enemies that I would bother to make effort to do anything to, anyway. I am that lazy? Yes. Revenge is a waste of time, though I have been known to work out my mental issues quite thoroughly, which may have seemed to some as vengeance, but really, it was just a process, a typical autistic process, of working the logic vs. emotion equation out until I find a peaceful equilibrium.

Anyhow, getting back to the lousy curry – what am I going to do with the rest of it? Two potatoes, two carrots and two apples! I’ll just have to bite the taste bullet and eat it all up. Copious sprinklings of soy sauce would help a little. And remember, next time, just use Prima Taste mixes. Costlier, but worth the difference. That is, if I really have to have the stuff. Which, truthfully, I don’t. Nor can I afford the luxury. I have only one more packet of Prima Taste Laksa – part of the collection given to me by a kind friend from home. Back to simplicity after all this is used up.


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