photo by Marcus Gebaur

photo by Marcus Gebaur








I realised a very long time ago that the neurotypical world enjoys a vastly different kind of humour than mine. Or that of other Aspies. Many other high functioning autistic individuals I know have quirky humour, but they don’t view ‘funny’ in quite the same way as the vast majority of the social brained.

There is a popular Facebook page called “Abandoned Asylums,” which features photographs of old, dilapidated and somewhat eerie buildings and spaces. Some of the photography is rather well executed, and yes, I do see that there is a good measure of artistry in them. However, I feel a little ill at the way people (even some in my own personal friends list) are having such fun with the photos. They (the photos of spaces in various states of decay) are being reposted by a few friends, who, from the comments below their posts, are having immense fun from making jokes of these visual horrors. The friends banter about these being their bedrooms, guest rooms, living rooms, whatever. They seem to be having a great deal of fun doing that.

I fail to find anything humorous in them – the photos or the jokes. The photos trigger distinct horror and nausea in me, the sensory overload, even by visual association, is just too much. I don’t see anything funny in rot, filth, decay, and sadness – yes, there is something sad and forlorn about these places, and not in a positive way, not pretty at all but rather hinting at terror. But I am just one hypersensitive Aspie chick. What do I know about neurtypical social-brained humorous indulgences, anyway? I do not criticise. I just observe. And feel a tad unwell, so I should look away. Pinterest is more fun.


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