wood and fire

wood & fire

wood & fire








Lucy and I managed to enjoy a lovely 40 minute walk yesterday, in-between the crazy downpours. It was a welcome relief from the stress of the leak and cleaning up.

I have been allowing her to explore at will, within reason, of course, and she led us into a lovely part of the neighbourhood that we’d never seen before. This time, she walked us all the way into Queen Street, Woollahra, wandering by the lovely shops and Parisienne cafes, patisseries, butcheries and lovely little high-end boutiques and galleries. My Princess is a classy girl, she is. It makes me smile, that she prefers to walk in such surrounds, instead of the wet grassy parks, where there are a great many bouncy doggies! She is bringing me back to a bygone era in my life too.

We came across this contrasting visual image along the way. It reminded me of the caption, “wood and fire.” Notice the green leaf just sitting there inside the ‘flames’?

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