It’s Sunday. Again. The different days don’t have much social meaning for me, I work every single day of the week, and if I cannot, for any reason at all, I feel miserable. Yes, I am one of those odd people whose brains associates work with play and work with pleasure. So when I am not ‘working,’ I feel uneasy and deprived.

Weekends and public holidays do have sensory significance, though. That is because during the weekends and holidays, other people, the social-brained majority, behave differently, and thus their habits affect mine. I try not to venture outside on weekends – the shops are inevitably full of noisy people, busy people and screaming children, not to mention the additional olfactory burden! However, even when huddled indoors, because my apartment is perched on the edge of all the action in Paddington, I still feel the waves of sensory stimuli created by the humans outside.

It can be fun, sitting by the window and looking out, much like watching telly – you get all kinds of sensations ranging from curiosity and delight, right up to horror! Who needs television when you have a huge window looking into Oxford Street?

Yesterday evening’s view was fascinating and horrifying at the same time. A hoard of humans flooded the street – I deduced from the way they were dressed that they had come from the nearby stadium after some kind of game. (Yes, games, that’s another thing I cannot fully understand.)

This morning, I felt like I’d taken a dive into a pool of dark green slime. Were it not for Lucy snuggling into my blanket and her nose poking at my face to tell me it’s time to get up and go, I’d have lain in bed feeling sorry for myself for no logical reason. Yes, I know a lot of it is chemical, but knowing won’t stop me from wallowing in bed, while a Lucy does the job fine!

Breakfast was uninspired and routine. Marmalade on toast, bacon and egg.



And lunch was a spaghetti and beef mince and tomato paste thing. Strange thing about being a little off kilter is not wanting any vegetables. Today was a “no veggie” day. Hopefully this will change by evening and dinner will be more inspired?

Now, I am going to get down to some pleasurable pursuits… Working on my video can be fun, even if it is hard work. An entire afternoon just for 2 minutes of footage… and still altering that too… The not so fun part is the anxiety of a deadline looming. Wish me all the best!


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