It was a difficult night for both Lucy and me. Weekends where I live can be a sensory nightmare. There is a pub across the road which is very popular and people come to do what ‘normal’ sociable people do on weekends at pubs – eat a little, drink a lot, stand around outside smoking their lungs black and polluting the air, make a lot of high decibel and often high frequency social noises – laughing, roaring, screaming, arguing, vomiting, more laughing and more screaming – and generally terrorise the hypersenstive from a distance! Last night, I was choking and nauseous from the smell of cigarette smoke. Yes, all my own fault for being able to smell it from that distance, indeed. Then it rained, and the horrid smoke dissipated, and but not the noisy crowd. That went on until the wee hours. I went to bed with a headache and nausea, and woke up with a metallic taste in the mouth.

If I didn’t have my sweetheart in bed with me all night, and her face to greet me when I wake each morning, I’d be wallowing in the swirling doldrums of depression and anxiety. Yes, Lucy has become a great comfort to me during these high anxiety and distress triggers. She cuddles up close, and somehow, I don’t feel threatened, alarmed or irritated by her presence in my bed – I would if it was a human being – rather, her warmth, smell, and affection (and demands for affection) are calming to my frayed senses. Always.

It has been raining erratically for a few days now. Back and forth we go, between dark rainy skies, and clear blue sunny canopies overhead. Well, the sun came out this morning. Clear skies now. Very pretty day, though rather warm. I can hear my Princess snoring in bed…

Here are two photos of stark contrast.

What are the associations in your mind as you view these photographs? Are you aware of your mental connections? Can you ‘smell’ anything, or ‘hear’ anything? How about ‘touch’ and ‘taste’?

rain, rain, rain...

rain, rain, rain…

clear sky

clear sky


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