fructose upload

Ran out of chocolate drink and Milo too. Breakfast beverage just had to be fruit juice then. The little miniature juicer I got from Kmart for just $19 (special offer) does a pretty good job for one. I do not throw out the pulp. No wastage here in this home. I give some to Lucy, it’s good for her digestion to have fresh apple and carrots (be careful with apple though, make sure pips are removed, never feed a dog apple pips!), and I use the rest to bake cookies or cupcakes. No making cupcakes today either. I ran out of eggs too.

Breakfast was just a sausage with some cheese on toast. Not bad tasting at all. Just not terribly nutritious of course.

Here’s the visual of the juice effort. Two apples and one carrot. This is my fructose upload for the day!

apple and carrot slices

apple and carrot slices

the juice!

the juice!

I gave a slice of apple to Lucy, who likes to wait in the kitchen, sprawled like the Sphinx across whatever space is available in the kitchen on the floor. I have to be very careful not to step on her when we’re there together. My silly girl doesn’t quite devour apple slices the way my sister’s adorable Bichon-Poodle does. Lucy stares at it for ages and waits to see if I will give her something else more yummy. When she realises that that is it, she will gently nibble at it – you’ll be surprised how long a big girl like her can make a small slice of apple last!


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