Congee is considered “poor man’s food” in China. Many people in Hong Kong like congee in the mornings, as breakfast. I don’t particularly like it. It is a savoury sort of porridge. Made from rice instead of oats. The Cantonese version is starchier but tastier, boiled for longer and until the rice grains burst. The Teochew / chaozhou version looks much like rice in clear soup. I disliked the latter and won’t touch it unless obliged to do so. The former is tolerable, and I do turn to Cantonese congee when I am feeling unwell or my digestion is challenged in some way or other.

Been physically low lately. So I made congee twice. From the leftover rice from the Hainanese Chicken Rice. I am too impatient to let it simmer and boil for ages to break the rice grains and create the milky starchy texture, so I put the flavoured rice into the pot, add some water, pureed with my trusty handheld Braun tool, and put it to boil for 5 minutes.

Here is my unconventional and “poor PhD student” version – with one sliced sausage and leftover kale.

congee with sausage and kale

congee with sausage and kale

And here is the better version, served with more leftover kale and a baked chicken drumstick, and spring onion garnish.

the yummier congee

the yummier congee



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