I have held a lifelong fascination for re-modelling, reworking and re-deploying material properties and intended usages of every day objects. Re-use, recycle and recondition.

I shall not go into the many traumatic experiences I suffered throughout my life for what seemed to others like a ridiculous proclivity. Suffice to say, it is proving most useful now, when money is in extremely short supply.

So, instead of nice boxed tissues, and kitchen paper (even the rock bottom cheap ones) I have decided I shall use loo paper, and find out if this is any cheaper. I suspect it may be. Anyhow, I needed holders for them, so they don’t roll around and roll away. But even the cheapest holder costs money, money which I just do not have to throw away on ghastly, ugly objects just because I am too stupid or lazy to create my own recycled ones.

Here they are. Quite obvious what I used. Cut out the “Cadbury” stamp on the lid, and voila! And ever so easy to refill too. Not high fashion, mind you, but nevertheless still more pretty and quirky than the cheap plastic things one buys at the Reject Shop or the Chinese/Asian cut-price shops.

new from old

new from old

On the subject of re-using / recycling, I was out walking with Lucy this morning, and we passed by two leather / pvc sofas chucked out and lying on the grass verge. They both looked to be in decent condition, and I was reminded about how much our modern middle classes waste nowadays. Just one generation ago, people kept their things for as long as they were functional. Nobody these days would ever think about reconditioning, recycling and reworking, unless they were dead poor, or weird, or poor AND weird (like me now). But no, I didn’t pick any of these up, not that I didn’t think of it though. Just too bulky for my home. However, each time I see things being discarded this way, the thought runs through my mind, that it can be very very cheap to fill one’s home with decent and even yes, stylish and quirky fun furniture.

discarded but still usable

discarded but still usable

Lucy checking out the one seater

Lucy checking out the one seater


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