I love the bright and deep green of fresh Kale. It was only 99cents a bunch on Wednesday, so I picked out the largest, greenest one I could find. I’d originally wanted to cook a char siew pork dish, but beef was cheaper that day, so I ended up buying beef instead.

I did a sliced beef stir fry with garlic and Chinese salted preserved black soy beans. This is a popular dish in Cantonese restaurants, but my version included kale, tomato paste and one tinned tomato. I do love the taste and texture of kale, super crunchy and full in texture, and, unlike other leafy greens, not at all sappy. This lot stretched for three portions. I used this as topping for glass noodles. The kale went very well with the beef! I still have a lot of kale left, all wrapped up in paper and in the fridge, waiting to be used. (Wrapping veggies helps them to keep longer, as the paper acts as a sort of moisture absorber to prevent rot. I use recycled magazine paper of course, and remember to wash thoroughly before cooking!)

beef stir fry

beef stir fry


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