Superficial beauty is so important to the human race. Although the exact criteria of what is considered beautiful has changed and varies from one culture to another, nevertheless, throughout history, humanity has insisted on worshipping the beautiful. No wonder at all that plastic surgeons make so much money these days!

This frenzied demand for perfection and cosmetic beauty applies now to food. Commercially produced food is now laden with all kinds of chemicals to make them look pretty. I won’t go into the details here, I am too tired from a full day of trying to fight brain fog. Besides, it is time to wash the dishes and then walk the Princess. But here is an example of the powerful demand for beauty even at the markets. Our visual sense is a very demanding one indeed!

This punnet of tomatoes was just $1.99, while another similar pack was priced at $3.99. Why the difference? Upon closer inspection, one can see the blemishes in these tomatoes, while I could spot none when examining the more expensive ones. But hey, these cheaper ones are still good, they are firm and their skins unbroken. They just look less shiny and less perfectly shaped than the other more expensive pack. And guess what? The nutritional value remains the same. (Tastes good too!)

the $1.99 tomatoes

the $1.99 tomatoes

Good evening everyone! 🙂


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