leftover quickie

Mothers in the 1960s and 1970s would oft repeat to their children, “Waste not, want not.” I am unsure of the veracity of this theory, but the first part of it has left a lasting impression in my brain. Neuroscience and hoopla aside, when considering our day to day functioning, Aspies are actually very much like everyone else, just a little more extreme in our eccentricities (methinks). I have always liked the idea of making the best use of whatever is at hand, whether it is food or other material possessions. Every single thing has the ability to transform or to fulfill more than just one function. Apparently, my penchant for creating art out of existing stuff has roots way back in early childhood, from the toilet paper roll collecting to the present day re-working of my Ferragamo shoe collection.

Well, I have demonstrated most laboriously in this little blog that one item has to last a few meals, and all food I buy is carefully considered and budgeted for. I even schedule the defrosting of the little bar fridge for when I have run out of food and am going out for more rations (yeah it needs to be manually defrosted, and quite often too, the ice build up is irritatingly fast).

A young friend from Queensland was visiting Sydney. He dropped by for dinner on Thursday evening, and I bought a roast chicken from the nearby deli. There was quite a bit left over, and it lasted me a few more meals.

Here is one quickie variation I whipped up using some of the leftover roast chicken. A mung bean vermicelli (glass noodles) and roast chicken ‘salad’. Prepared within minutes, just boil the vermicelli until it is soft, drain and top with shredded roast chicken. I ran out of tomatoes, so I used the rest of the olives. I garnished this one with spring onion bits, Thai fish sauce and lime juice. Love the tangy piquant taste and the crunchy yet slippery texture of this special vermicelli! (I also like the slightly transparent visual quality of the mung bean vermicelli, for some strange reason, it is very attractive to me.)

leftover roast chicken and glass noodles

leftover roast chicken and glass noodles

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