little yummies

I call them “little yummies” – the so-called lightweight meals, that is. I am not sure how they compare with ‘full’ meals in terms of caloric content, I don’t really want to know anyway.

I picked up a bargain at Harris Farms the other day. Smoked salmon for $9.90! A massive amount too! Woot! I must add that I haven’t had smoked salmon ever since I arrived in Sydney. Too poor to afford that luxury, something else which I used to take for granted. So imagine my elation when I saw the offer! Well, I separated the pack into 8 servings and stored the individual servings in ziplock bags. Maybe a waste of plastic, but for smoked salmon, I won’t be too much of an eco-stickler. Here is one of the “little yummies” I made myself night before last, for dinner.

smoked salmon on toast with tomatoes, olives and apricot

smoked salmon on toast with tomatoes, olives and apricot

I am slowly getting the hang of sunny-side-up eggs too. And what can be more delish (or British) than sunny-side-up egg with bacon? Tada!

bacon & eggs

bacon & eggs

Food is a kind of analgesic for me. Food and my lovely Lucy, they both help to calm and comfort during high anxiety or illness and associated suffering and pain… Aha, a good thought for an extended rambling about autism-neurotypicality and the empathic agencies of food and dogs! (Coming up soon, so watch out for it!)


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