cupcake comfort

A few days ago, the rain came driving down so hard, the ceiling leaked big time. That meant half the living space was occupied by buckets and wet, soggy floor mats. For a tiny shoebox, this is horrible. Lucy and I were confined to the bed. I had to try to work on my MacbookPro instead of the desktop. Which meant severe restrictions. Everything on the desk was covered up with waterproof material, of course. But some books at floor level were wet through. Lucy was most unhappy too.

After speaking with several others living in this building (a mix of tenants and owners), it became clear that it is a building-wide problem. Water seeps in when wind blows the rain against the front facade of the building. The windows are the main problem, not properly sealed, but I suspect there is another problem with the water proofing of the concrete too. According to two owners, most of the people living here are tenants, and the other owners just don’t want to fork out the money needed to fix the problem properly. I was not warned about this. No wonder the one and only ceiling light in the shoebox studio apartment had been sealed off and is non-functioning. The landlady just told me it is sealed off, and she provided a floor lamp instead, but never explained the reason. I thought it odd, but I didn’t bother to pursue, as she is a wonderfully nice person and I needed a place to stay in a hurry, having just escaped from a flea infested house with no money left to rent temporary accommodation. Well, that light was sealed off for a very good reason, now obvious to me: it is where the bulk of the leak congregates. After everything had more or less dried up and I was cleaning up, I noticed it was still dripping from that light and it had turned a ghastly pinkish yellow. I climbed up and tried to unscrew it, but I couldn’t turn the screws and so, not wanting to break it, I called the landlady. She sent someone to take it down and we discovered it was full of yucky water!

Well, it rained all night and morning again (last night and this morning). But no leaky ceiling this time, thankfully, only a little seepage on the floor next to the window. Lucy refuses to go out when it rains hard and the wind is howling. She is a Princess – won’t pee or poo on wet grass, muddy grass or tall grass! Made a spectacle of herself, or rather me, doing her Greyhound-freeze right in front of the cafe entrance downstairs, when I tried to coax her out into the rain for a pee and poo this morning. Everyone was telling me to bring her back up! Like I was such a cruel mummy! She only deigned to go out for pee and poo when the rain abated.

I needed some sensory comfort. This Aspie Chick is up to her eyeballs in sensory stress! Hugging and stroking Lucy is always comforting, but today, she was not in a good mood because of the weather. So I baked a batch of Milo cupcakes! They turned out pretty good too, fluffy and soft. I indulged in coconut and lime icing too. Miam! None for the greedy Princess, no chocolate for her. But I did order carob powder so will soon bake some carob cupcakes that we can both share!

comfort cupcakes

comfort cupcakes

And for lunch, a comforting meal of leftover pizza cut into little squares with smoked salmon roses and spring onion!

rainy day luncheon

rainy day luncheon

A friend of mine, who is a far better cook than I am, and makes fabulous food for parties, remarked that he admires me for preparing my food to look so pretty. He said he wouldn’t make the effort if cooking only for one. Well, I am a visually inclined and greedy foodie Aspie. I take comfort in lovely images, of course the food needs to taste good to me too, but looking good adds to the experience and the process of making it look good is ever so fun. And therapeutic. I am the opposite of my friend. I hate entertaining. I hate cooking for more than four (my family at home) and even then, I am all flustered because I feel so much better cooking for just one – me! Then I can cook what I like, and right now, it has to also be what I can afford to eat, and I can take the time to decorate it the way I want, without the panic of others going hungry waiting for the food!

Happy rainy weekend, Sydney-siders!


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