I have a few packets of Asian Home Gourmet Laksa Paste. I was less than impressed, and regretted buying more than just one. Definitely NOT laksa to me. I suppose they can fool some people, but I felt quite cheated. The other popular brand is much, much better, in fact, rather like the genuine stuff you get in Malaysia or Singapore foodie places. I would recommend Prima Taste Laksa over the Asian Home Gourmet one anytime.

So, the packs have been sitting in my kitchen shelf for awhile. Today, I decided to try something different. A change of paradigms. If I don’t expect it to taste like Laksa, what else can I use it for, and would it still be any good for some other dish? I decided to try. I added one packet of the paste to a small pot of chicken soup stock (made yesterday from chicken bones and carrots), some Thai fish sauce, and the juice of one lime. (There was a special for limes at Harris Farms, 10 for just $2!) Guess what, it tasted like mild Tom Yum Goong!

No budget for prawns, so I added chicken, bean sprouts and spring onion garnish, which are usually found in Laksa.

Glad I didn’t toss them out. I hate to waste. Especially now that I am scraping the bottom of the barrel. Quite chuffed at the switch.

tom yum laksa?

tom yum laksa?


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