Comfort, for me, comes in two forms. Lucy, and food.

High anxiety levels and depression are common features in autism, and I am not immune. Work has been slow, ever since I fell ill after the grueling trip to Hong Kong for the workshop, exhibition and conference, in November last year. It took me all of December to get over the bronchial-asthma, and drained me of all mental energy at the same time. I am still suffering the pain of TMJ swelling. Not pretty. I wonder often about the myriad comorbidities of autism, so many people I know with autism also suffer from crazy physical problems, many with autoimmune conditions, and some extremely debilitating. As if we don’t already have enough to deal with. Sometimes, I think, we are a pretty tough bunch, looking at how much we have to juggle on a constant, daily basis, just to survive intact.

While worrying madly over the lack of productivity, I decided I needed a sugar fix. So I made rice flour cupcakes. Not very successful, they turned out chewy and not fluffy at all. Will have to keep trying. At least they looked good!

chew rice flour cupcakes!

chew rice flour cupcakes!

another view of the cupcakes

another view of the cupcakes


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