try and try again

Back to the egg – yet another botched attempt at a sunny side up. The yolk broke because I cracked the egg with too much force, I guess. So I stirred it. And added cheese. And turned it over. I still cannot figure out why, even though I assiduously grease the egg ring, the egg always sticks to the sides anyway. I must be doing something wrong there too.

I had to eat the results of my experiment, of course, can’t afford to waste, and it tasted pretty good in any case. On vegemite toast, of course. But this morning, I had two little apricots as a luxury, a treat. The apricots were on special, of course, the ones you pick up in a punnet at Harris Farms. This one was only $1.99 a punnet. Some were over ripe, but I don’t mind, they were tasty this time around! I put them in the fridge to keep for longer, though I doubt if they’ll be there for too long, at the rate I have been devouring them.

Lucy looked most interested but nothing left for her!

try and try again

try and try again!



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