mini meal

I am trying to eat a little lighter at dinner time. The emphasis is on the word, “trying,” of course. So, here was one of the attempts.

A mini burger, cheese toast, and a little apricot.

The burger was from the 500g of organic minced beef I picked up a few days ago and cooked in different ways so I can keep the stuff in my tiny weeny bar fridge without the need for freezing. I made two mini burgers, a few beef balls in soup, and a bolognaise kind of sauce for future use. I also made Lucy a few broiled meat patties and she gets one at every meal, until it is gone, of course. Not bad, for $4.99. It is $1.99 more expensive than the ordinary cheap Coles one, at $3, but less fat, and for some strange reason, it keeps for longer. It’s definitely more worth the price, in that case, but as I have already mentioned before, one can only buy good value if one has the cash at hand. $1.99 is not a lot to many people, it certainly wasn’t to me before, but now it is, and sometimes, I don’t even have that $1.99 extra in my pocket.

Anyhow, here is the visual image.

mini meal

mini meal

The burger is dark because of the soy sauce marinade, it wasn’t over done. 🙂


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