more chow mien

There were 3 in the pack of leeks that I bought at Harris Farms. I cooked the second one this morning. Here’s chow mien again with leek and the last of the char siew variation.

char siew chow mien

char siew chow mien

I know, I should be avoiding wheat, I am not allergic but avoiding gluten does help lessen the inflammation somewhat. But I love noodles! Can’t seem to stay away.

I think I rather had a bit too much of it at lunch, though. And too many olives while snacking. It was a slow day today, trying to gather my thoughts and making mental sketches of things I want and need to do – installation stuff. I do wish the old brain would work faster and more efficiently. Sigh.

Dinner was a light one. Egg, cheese and more olives. And yoghurt. Vanilla yoghurt this time, because it was on special offer.

egg, cheese and olives for dinner

egg, cheese and olives for dinner

Lucy loves yoghurt, so I make sure she gets enough every day, even if it means I may have to go without for that day. It all depends on the budgeting for the week. One pot / box of yoghurt has to last a week. When running low, Lucy gets priority. I prefer giving her plain yoghurt, without the flavouring and sugar, but the budget is $4 and I just have to buy whatever is offered at the price that shopping day.

Well, the weather is fine now, thankfully so! We went to Centennial Park this morning for a long walk. They were setting up lighting features for a light display. Maybe I shall bring Lucy tonight as a treat. She might like it, she is a sociable girl, unlike her mummy!

lights on @ Centennial Park!

lights on @ Centennial Park!

Apart from that, we are bracing up for yet another noisy weekend in Paddington – never ceases to amaze and frustrate me, how the social-brained partying types just MUST make a lot noise, screaming, shouting, laughing too loudly, arguing, binge drinking, and then throwing up in the streets. Yup, that’s weekends on Paddo! We hear it all from our tiny shoebox apartment perched right in the midst of the action.


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