breakfast put right

Much is said about the meticulously obsessively detail focused autistic individual. Well, I am not quite up there in the spectrum, but I can become quite distressed by certain things out of place. When I was younger, if someone so much as borrowed a pencil from my pencil cup and replaced it in the wrong position, it would send me into fits of rage. I still dislike people messing with my own carefully ordered chaos, so I am glad to be living alone. I’d prefer to live alone for as long as I can afford it, or as long as I am fit and healthy enough to do so.

Well, after the visual disaster of yesterday’s breakfast, I just had to put things right, else the image would haunt me for the days to come. So this morning, that is exactly what I did. Fortunately for me, it turned out pretty decently, well, it isn’t culinary art, but still, it was good enough to erase the horror of that broken, sloopy-sloppy egg and burnt bacon on the plate anyway! Cheese, bacon and egg omelette.

Tastier too. (Especially with the accompanying sonorities of a not-so-sweet peach with yoghurt and honey topping!) 🙂

the 'righted' breakfast

the ‘righted’ breakfast

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