running out of options

No more fresh meats left. I do have is bacon. There is the one half finished tin of tuna too. Oh, and eggs. As for fruit and vegetable, there is some rather unattractive lettuce, frozen petit pois (small peas), two not-so-sweet peaches, and a few Granny Smith apples too.

I am trying to make this food stretch. I spent over $70 yesterday on a money transfer to my friend in Hong Kong, who has so kindly sent me the components of my installation. She picked up the items on my behalf, at the end of the exhibition, packed them and took them to the post office and sent them off to me here in Sydney. Postage is so much cheaper in Hong Kong, and the total cost was a mere HK$420, which was a little more than AU$50, but the online transfer fee was AU$24. Not much, but it does mean all my savings are blown – yet again. The term “living at the edge” has taken on a new meaning for me indeed! So, I am trying not to spend more money on food until all my current rations are used up. That will mean mostly bacon for the next few days, since the tuna is running out and I am saving that for Lucy.

Lunch today was a strange combination of sweet, sour and salty, a ‘cold’ one, quite appropriate for a warm, sunny day such as this. Bacon, petit pois, glass vermicelli (which is made from mung bean, rather than rice) and apple chutney, with Thai fish sauce and a liberal squeeze of lime juice.

bacon, peas, glass vermicelli and apple chutney

bacon, peas, glass vermicelli and apple chutney


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