I love my egg done ‘sunny-side up’ but I am as yet unable to perfect the cooking technique. Most frustrating. The bottom either burns on higher heat, or the egg becomes leathery on low heat. And then, of course, the yolk breaks.

Today’s breakfast was not pretty. The bacon was overcooked and the yolk of my egg broke. Aspie perfectionism does not like the visual image that resulted. But Aspie foodiness (some of us are and others are not, I am one who loves my food and I thrive on taste as much as visual image) propels beyond this limitation, and to my satisfaction, it tasted just as bacon and eggs should – what’s new? *grin*

Oh yes, and one more sensory observation: Lucy loves the smell of bacon, I never feed it to her as it is far too salty, but she hates the sound of bacon fat popping while being cooked. She doesn’t hang around in the kitchen when that starts to happen!

broken egg breakfast

broken egg breakfast


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