Cantabile |kanˈtɑːbɪleɪ| ~ in a smooth singing style. Literally, in Italian, ‘singable.’

There are some days that trigger in my mind music and musical terms. Today was one of those days. A sunny day with very pretty fluffy clouds set against azure blue sky, yet it wasn’t too sizzling hot. Lucy trotted along beautifully and she didn’t do her ‘stubborn greyhound freeze’ trick much today. Even when she did try, it wasn’t difficult to snap her out of it. Unlike yesterday. Maybe it was the pep talk that I gave her before bed, while cleaning her ears and rubbing paw balm on her paw pads? I don’t know, probably not directly so, but anyhow, she decided she’d behave today.

Well, as a reward to the sweetheart, I went to the supermarket and brought back her favourite treat: three chicken necks! I only buy three at a time, because I don’t want to risk contamination trying to store them for longer. So she gets her treat once a week, on grocery day.

It was a sort of Minuet in G day, despite the underlying frustration that I didn’t manage to get my brain moving for any real work, and it is still in “stuck” mode. I think the visual of Lucy’s lighthearted and ever so elegant trotting alongside me, her good behaviour and her loving kisses helped to create a little bubble of bliss. Of course the weather helped immensely.

I made my own variation of Mee Goreng for lunch today. It looked very cheerful. Tasted good too.

cheerful noodles?

cheerful noodles?

For dinner, I had noodle with oven roasted pork rib and spinach. And of course, a generous sprinkle of spring onion!

oven roasted pork rib, spinach and noodles

oven roasted pork rib, spinach and noodles

As for Lucy, she was a lucky girl today! I bought a 500g pack of organic extra lean minced beef, which was on special today, for her dinner. I didn’t give it all to her, of course, but mixed half with rice, spinach and carrots. (Have to make things last a bit longer when on a very tight budget.) I know many people recommend giving the dogs raw meat, especially when it is fresh and of good quality. This was fresh, it was a special offer and not a reduced price (near expiry) offer, but I didn’t want to give it to her completely raw, as the last time I did that, she had runny poo. So, I lightly fried it in a pan without adding any oil. I made little burger patties out of the other half and lightly fried them too, for storage. She will have that tomorrow.

doggy burger patties

doggy burger patties

After she’d polished off the nosh and licked the bowl shiny clean, she hung around the kitchen while I prepared my own dinner, with her head on my foot! I eventually had to shoo her out of the kitchen, as I didn’t want to trip over her. She settled onto her day bed, sniffing the air, and gazed longingly at me… Please, mummy, may I have more?

sniff... sniff...

sniff… sniff…

Please, mummy, may I have more?

Please, mummy, may I have more?

Stuck brain aside, it was a ‘singable,’ cantabile sort of day indeed! Now, time to do the dishes, then take the Princess out for her final pee and poo before settling into bed. Good night, all!


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