Here it is at last, the Laksa I promised myself to whip up. OK, so I cheated, I used packaged Laksa seasoning. (I am no expert chef, I just love to eat!) My favourite Laksa seasoning package is the one by PrimaTaste. I like their Hainanese Chicken rice sachets too. Available at Coles, but this packet was given to me by a friend who came to Sydney on a business trip.

Boiled the mixture according to the instructions. Makes two very hearty bowls, or 3 smaller ones. I added the prawn heads from my blanched prawns into the boiling broth for added taste. In a bowl, I placed the blanched Hokkien Noodles, topped with the peeled prawns (already cooked previously), boiled egg, and bean sprouts, then poured the hot Laksa broth over, and prinkled cut spring onions on top as dressing. (I didn’t buy the beancurd puffs that I spied in Harris Farms, because the bag was too big for me and I would end up throwing half of it away.) In a small bowl, I mixed a dollop of sambal chilli paste (the bottle I bought is the Glory Nonya sambal chilli, not especially great tasting and a little too oily, but it serves its purposes well enough) and added lemon juice and soy sauce. I don’t have lime, so lemon will have to do.

Lucy liked the smell – an eclectic and heady mix of Laksa broth, prawns and bean sprouts – and was lurking around in the kitchen as I cooked. I gave her a doggy biscuit.

I hear that Laksa is extremely fattening because of the coconut milk that goes into it. Well, I had both helpings, i.e. I have downed the lot, over lunch and dinner. My belly already feels fatter!

rich, luscious Laksa!

rich, luscious Laksa!

sambal chilli dip

sambal chilli dip


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