I went a little crazy at Harris Farms today. I always love going there, but I usually end up spending more than I should and buying more than I need! They have an amazing range of fresh Asian greens, and not too expensive too.

I bought a bunch of super fresh watercress (been some time since I last had any), a bunch of choy sum and a packet of bean sprouts. Then, I saw the fresh Hokkien Noodles (thick egg noodles) and I just had to buy that too! I was thinking of Laksa at the time. I even splashed out a little and bought 10 fresh prawns, which I have blanched and plan to use some for the Laksa. Tomorrow, I shall attempt the Laksa, but I was too tired after the shopping to indulge in any vigorous cooking.

For lunch today, I just did a stir fry noodle dish, with some of the Hokkien Noodles, choy sum, the last baked chicken drumstick in the fridge, and a few tomatoes. Tomatoes are in season now, so they are cheap, just AU$1.50 a punnet, lucky me!

lunchtime stir fry

lunchtime stir fry

Super stuffed, that was really quite a meal! So, for dinner, I just blanched some watercress, and ate it with a dash of Mushroom Oyster Sauce (vegetarian version of Oyster Sauce) and a pork sausage.

a light dinner of watercress and sausage

a light dinner of watercress and sausage



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