Christmas is around the corner. While I really dislike festivities and such, I am most taken in by the visual advertisements everywhere for delicious food. I don’t have a sweet tooth, I do like chocolate but I can go for weeks without a single bite of it. But I cannot resist the visual appeal of food, and Christmas is a season for sweet things: mince pies, apple pies, cakes with luscious icing decorations, pretty cupcakes that call out my name, and recipes galore everywhere on the internet and in magazines. I am a sucker for beautiful images and their associations.

Today, I used the rest of the unsalted, unsweetened peanut butter that I had previously made for Lucy’s doggy biscuits, added a tad more olive oil, a generous dollop of Nutella, poured in Rice Krispies, and made little crunchy balls of sweetness. Oh, and I rolled them in desiccated coconut. I did another lot just with peanut butter and honey. They are sitting nicely inside my refrigerator now, best when a little cooled, so they keep their shape and don’t melt in the hot summer heat.

Yum! I love the crunching sound that Rice Krispies make in the mouth, a lighter crunch than potato crisps, a different tone, ‘happier’ too. And the unsweetened peanut butter with Nutella was just the right combination of sweetness without the cloying, overwhelming sugary taste one gets from the stuff bought at the stores. Honey peanut butter balls are good too. I love the taste and texture of honey. I am not a fan of desiccated coconut but this time around, I suddenly felt like it.

sweet crunchies

sweet crunchies


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