The same food. Rearranged. Just for some visual variation. Tastes just as good. Us Aspies can eat the same thing for days and days. Just place that tomato in a different part of the plate, the lettuce angled differently, and it’s good to go! (Some of us don’t even mind it placed any which way.) The main recurrent issue for me, and for many others like me, though, is that my food has to be clearly defined. That is, if I am eating steak, I want to see the piece of steak. I don’t much like stews and mish-mashed food for this reason, unless the dishes are very delicious. I have learned to eat the mashed up goopy stuff, and sometimes I even enjoy it, but it won’t be my first choice.

Here is the last piece of lamb steak. Rearranged because I felt like a different visual. And I eat it in different sequence, whenever I feel like a variation. Subtle variations on a common theme. Again, with wasabi, soy sauce and Flaxseed oil dressing.

visual rearrangement

visual rearrangement

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