Red meat. I have a particularly liking for red meat. Not so good in excess, of course, but I have always loved the texture and taste. Medium rare, that is how I like my beef steak. Oh, and the fat of red meats – beef and lamb fat is ever so delicious when seared on high heat!

It is a wide heterogeneous spectrum, of course, not everyone with hypersensitivity and/or autism have the same sensory profile. It seems like a common sense thing, but sense isn’t very common, and this is one fact, which should be so logically obvious, that I find myself often repeating and reiterating, in answer to people’s questions. We are not all the same. Just as not all non-autistic people are the same!

Extremes in reaction and response is a feature of hypersensitivity. Repetition is a common feature of autism. Put them both together, and you get the themes and variations around which my entire blog revolves. We are often either intensely attracted to certain sensations or strongly repulsed. I know some who feel nauseous at the mere sight of red meats, whether raw or cooked, and steer clear of it as a food. For me, the texture, taste and colour (and smell) of red meats is an attraction, rather than aversion. Quite an intense attraction too.

I bought beef and lamb as a treat (see my previous post) – not expensive, really, but on this current budget of mine… well… life is very different now. Anyhow, here are two more results from my red meat adventure. Reworking, redesigning, re-combining and enjoying the process just as much as the eating!

salad with beef steak and apricot

salad with beef steak and apricot

Lamb with garlic and ginger

Lamb with garlic and ginger



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