There’s something strangely attractive about raw red meat. Beef, especially, but also lamb. Actually, pork belly or spare ribs are also visually fascinating when raw and cut into neat pieces, packed in styrofoam and on display in the supermarket shelves. I have always had a weird fascination for raw meat – not chicken, though. I dislike handling chicken when raw, and I dislike the smell of it, but I endure it because I like to eat chicken cooked.

I indulged myself a little today – I bought one large casserole steak, two medium slices of lamb shoulder, and the staple chicken (chicken drumsticks this time around). OK, so they’re not great cuts, but that’s all I can afford right now. So I just pretend I am eating the good stuff. I enjoy it anyway. I love the process of cooking, and I do like eating alone. Peaceful.

A whole week’s rations, methinks. I cooked it all today, because my freezer is far too small to contain the raw meat and not cold enough anyway. Bar fridges are not meant for people who do much cooking, most unfortunately.

Here’s the lamb being cooked… mmmmmm! I love the smell of lamb and beef steak being cooked – baked, grilled, stir fried, whatever! But I did close the door from the kitchen to my tiny studio, and kept the outer entrance door ajar to let the smells and fumes escape outside rather than waft inside and cling onto the curtains and bedding! It’s no fun being stuck for days with the smell of stale lamb or beef steak, is it now?

today's indulgence being cooked...

today’s indulgence being cooked…

And here’s the beef just before it was eaten… Yes, I know it is just casserole steak, but I am pretending it is a proper steak, ok? I had mustard on the side, and ice cold ginger-lemon honey. (Well, no, I didn’t finish the lot, I ate all the salad and half the steak, and saved the other half for tomorrow!)

a hefty luncheon

a hefty luncheon



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