salad spree

A few days ago, I went on a salad spree – because salad leaves were on special at the supermarket. There is a distinct sharpness in the taste of salad, and a strong ‘grassy’ after taste too. I know many autistic people who refuse to eat raw vegetables. I do empathise, I don’t much like the texture, too invasive, scratchy and rough, and it makes too loud a sound that echoes in the head when being masticated, but I endure it because I like the overall taste and small sensation. And I love my own salad dressing! Balsamic vinegar is far too expensive for me now on my tight budget, so I use hot English mustard, or a lighter Japanese wasabe, mixed with Flaxseed oil or Olive oil, and soy sauce, and sometimes a dash of lemon juice.

Salad leaves are also very versatile. Always handy with leftovers and whatever.

leftover sausages with salad and cheese

leftover sausages with salad, glass vermicelli and cheese

sharing Lucy's tuna

sharing Lucy’s tuna

making good use of what's left in the larder

making good use of what’s left in the larder


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