The sun is extremely strong here in Australia. I am told that the ozone levels here are thinner too. Sunblock is imperative, yet so many people still shun it. I even bought sunblock for Lucy, for when we go out in the sun for longer, on play dates etc.

I have a lovely large window that spans the entire frontage of my tiny studio apartment, looking out into busy, noisy Oxford Street. I think it is this window which was the deciding factor for me, it makes the teeny tiny shoebox feel larger than it actually is.

Lucy and I love to gaze out of the window into the street below, there is always so much going on, so much to see, and of course a lot of noise (which took some getting used to, and still gives me a headache sometimes).

We spotted this little baby yesterday. Actually, Lucy spotted him/her first and became agitated and excited. The poor little thing was tied up and left out in the hot blazing sun while his/her human parent was shopping somewhere in one of the shops. It was clearly tired, spread out on the hot pavement in the sizzling afternoon sun! I don’t want to jump to harsh judgements, but I would never never leave my furbaby or a human child tethered in the sun, lying on a heated surface, while I merrily go shopping! My Lucy is always given the utmost care, respect and pampering that I can afford and think of.

Poor baby. I hope he/she is ok, and that mummy/daddy came back before too long!

hot doggy on sizzling pavement

hot doggy on sizzling pavement


3 thoughts on “heatstroke

  1. I feel the same way. A couple of years ago, I took my dog, Alex, for our evening walk and I saw this little dog in a car with all the windows rolled up in the middle of Summer barking a lot. I walk for about 10 minutes and then came back thinking that perhaps the pet parent just ran inside his/her house to get something, but the poor dog was still in the car barking. I called the police and they came, knocked on a few doors and got the pet parent to take the dog out of the car. Inconsiderate person, leaving that poor dog in that car in the middle of Summer.

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