stir and fry

All this binge-ing is bad for my mental state, methinks. I feel a tad depressed today. The throat has begun to throb again, and I knew this would come as soon as I’d finished the course of prednisolone. Still, it’s no fun. Still coughing too. Blegh! :9

Well, ok, so I put up some quirky strange decor – that’s about it for Christmas. I don’t even like festive seasons, and Christmas is a nuisance to me, but this year will be special, because I will be with Lucy. So, regardless of whether she notices it or not (doesn’t make a difference to my princess really), I put up a Christmas branch. Origami cranes made from old Ikea catalogue paper, and a few little dangly things given to me by friends and my baby sister, hung on a branch which I picked up during one of our walks.

Christmas Branch decor

Christmas Branch decor

Then, for lunch, I had a bit of a stir and fry. Sausages boiled and cut and sautéd with sliced bak choy and rice vermicelli (added last), tossed with light and dark soy sauce and mushroom mock oyster sauce.

Sausage, bak choy and vermicelli stir fry.

Sausage, bak choy and vermicelli stir fry.


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