They say Aspies commonly suffer from addictive behaviour. Well, I put it down to the penchant for repetition, routine and intense detail focus on whatever interests us for the period of time.

I have always loved tomato. Tomato anything. But the ulcers don’t agree with me. So I can only eat this wonderful food when the ulceration is less severe. And this bout of bronchial-asthma has had me on a course of prednisolone – hence, I am making fullest use of the opportunity to indulge in tomato!!!!

My latest binge addiction is tomato juice. With a dash of tabasco and lemon slice. Iced of course. I just drank the entire tin of it this morning. Gulp! Well, the tin is a nice tall one, so plenty of potential for upcycling / recycling there. I should get a few more… while the fun and games last. The cheap Coles brand isn’t all that great, but hey, the key word here is ‘cheap’, so I cannot complain. Not on this budget anyway.

This is addictive!

This is addictive!

Tomato juice in a tin. Yum!

Tomato juice in a tin. Yum!


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