stuff a cold?

“Stuff a cold and starve a fever?” Or is it the other way around? I cannot quite remember.

It’s not a cold at all, really, just horrid nasty bronchial-asthma, triggered at the end of a bloody (literally) throat infection. Thank you, Hong Kong. Now coughing incessantly. Even Lucy stares at me with some alarm, and she is a really placid Greyhound!

But I have indeed been stuffing myself full of food. After a very full breakfast of sunny-side up egg on yoghurt on toast with another slice of marmalade toast on the side, I took the Princess out for her morning walk around the neighbourhood. Barely two hours later, I was eating again. This time, a chicken drumstick from yesterday’s baked chicken parts, steamed rice, and a generous helping of lettuce leaves and rocket. Of course, my usual mustard+soy sauce+Flaxseed oil dressing. It was yum. I didn’t have time for a photo, gobbled it up like a hungry hippo! I have been feeling really lethargic and low on energy since returning to Sydney. I blame it on the bronchial-asthma, of course, what else? And I guess partly mental fatigue accumulated from the frenetic activity in the weeks before. So, excuse down pat, I lay down beside my lovely girl and we both fell asleep.

I was awakened by a very loud Harley Davidson riding by outside, and guess what? I ate again. Fresh cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese and yet another chicken drumstick – cold, and yummy!

Now, I really do feel like a hippo. A stuffed one.

Food really can be a psychological crutch. I wonder how much of this is a subconscious physical need for nourishment?


More chicken salad!

More chicken salad!

Chicken, cheese and rice.

Chicken, cheese and rice.

Eat your veggies!

Eat your veggies!

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