chicken sambal salad

OK, I had my first unpleasant experience on Sydney Buses this morning. Coming home from the supermarket at Bondi Junction, I got onto bus 252 heading towards Oxford Street. At Paddington Market, I pressed the STOP button, intending to alight at the bus stop opposite William Street. There was an M40 bus ahead of us, a long bendy one, and so my bus waited near the Mitre store for some time. The bus driver didn’t open the doors for me, so I assumed that he intended to stop right at the bus stop instead, as we were a few metres ahead. However, when the M40 bus pulled away, the driver of my bus just continued ahead past the bus stop. I called out to him, “Excuse me, please!” and had to repeat this several times before he slowed down. As he opened the door, he yelled at me, “All this time and only now you tell me you wanna get off???????” I was shocked, and usually I would’ve been quite speechless. But I managed to retort, “But I DID press the button!”

In places I have been to, rude bus drivers were de rigeur. However, in nearly year that I have been here, I have never encountered a rude bus driver. I know they exist. And today was a jolting reminder of their existence. Time to wake up from “bus heaven”. 🙂

I came home, put away the groceries, cut up my special two for the price of one chicken, marinated and put the larger pieces in the oven to bake, boiled up some stock from the bones, and did a sambal stirfry with the remaining bits. Lucy had her chicken necks – she loves them and looks forward to when I come home with chicken because she knows there will be two necks for her!

I had a yummy chicken sambal salad – chicken stirfried with a dollop of sambal chilli paste and soy sauce, on a bed of fresh salad leaves and the remaining cherry tomatoes from yesterday.

chicken sambal salad


And I have sent in my complaint to Sydney Buses too. I don’t take kindly to being abused by errant bus drivers, no sir, no.


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