maxed out

Haven’t had time to post. Taken lots of photos. Been back in Hong Kong, once a love affair of mine, but I think the last two weeks of hectic frenzy and doing battle with the throngs in crowded buses, trains and walkways, have cured me of all romantic notions I had had. I came this time on a working trip, as a poor PhD scholar living on a tight grant budget. No place for the poor and hypersensitive in this harsh city. And the air… Reminds me why I left in the first place. After two very crazy weeks of hard work, sensory overload, fatigue and enduring ridiculous disorganisation, my brain became frazzled, my senses strained to breaking point, and I finally succumbed to a lousy infection at the end of the ordeal. The grand dramatic ending came complete with bleeding throat, flaming ulcers, fever and a hacking cough! That meant, the two days I had set aside to see friends and shop around a bit were instead spent lying in bed, unable to eat because of serious nausea, and zonked out from medication!

The end of a love affair. I shall return, if work calls, but in love, I no longer am. Back to my homeland tomorrow, for a few days respite and recovery. The lovely pool at my home beckons, and some sourcing for material for my work, in relative calm and this time, I call the shots on organisation of time and schedule, so no time wastage!

photos coming along soon!


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