pizza repeat

Finished up all the chicken and lamb and fresh veggie and meats. Now to attack the bacon. About 300g of cheese left from the old block. Still great, kept in the fridge. And tomato paste. So… what should I do with this? PIZZA!

My friend is arriving from Melbourne on Wednesday evening. She has ever so kindly offered to housesit and babysit the Princess for me. A great relief. I was having nightmares about my Princess in a kennel, or at the mercy of some stranger (professional housesitter and dog sitter) and her teenage/young adult daughter in the sanctuary of my little home! Eeeeeeeks! Scary for anyone, but for an overly paranoid and anxious Aspie, this was snowballing into a horror movie inside my head.

Anyhow, better finish up the old food, don’t want to leave my friend with any rotting stuff to deal with. Need to defrost the little bar fridge too. Not mine, I would’ve chosen a larger one, but it came with the apartment rental.

Here’s the home made pizza. All 9 inches of it. I made two. There’s still dough for two more in the fridge. Bacon and cheese pizza. Cheap and tasty meal for a poor girl on a budget. 🙂

It’d do better with some pineapple slices but I am not going to indulge and blow my overdrawn budget just for a taste of pineapple. Have to finish up the food, not buy even more!


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