vegetarian tortilla

I have eaten the last bits of chicken. Too busy to go to the supermarket. I have two installation projects to work on and one conference paper to polish for presentation. So I decided I’d order my groceries online, and take advantage of the delivery service to order ten tins of Lucy’s tuna, to stock up on when I am away, so that my friend, who is housesitting and caring for Lucy, will not need to be lugging tins around.

In the meantime, it’s vegetarian nosh for me. I still have frozen spinach, tomato paste, flour, eggs, rice, pasta and cheese left in pantry and fridge. Best to make good use of all the available food – I have never had to do this before, I have never known the feeling of having to scrape the bottom of the barrel, so to speak, but this challenge feels good to me.

I made plain flour tortillas. No lard. I think it tastes better with lard, but vegetable oil is healthier. Besides, I don’t have lard. Then I stir-fried spinach, tomato paste and cheese. Voila! That was yesterday’s dinner. Pretty good too!

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