tough cucumber

Back home, in the tropics, fresh cucumbers are plentiful and cheap. Raw cucumbers are a favourite, with lemon juice and sliced chilli and various flavourings or accompaniments. Raw thinly sliced shallots and spring onions come to mind. If a cucumber were chewy and not light and crunchy, it would be labeled ‘tough’ and either thrown away or cooked.

Coles was doing a special on Australian cucumbers. At a lordly price of AU$1 (where I come from, a cucumber only costs a few cents). I was thrilled! I felt like having a cucumber sushi roll, and so I bought one. Utter disappointment. It was chewy and ‘tough’. Ugh! OK, not wanting to waste precious food, I decided to cook the rest of it.

Sliced ‘tough’ Aussie cucumber, preserved salted yellow beans, sambal chilli paste. Lightly stir fried with one teaspoon of canola oil.

Waste not. Just because half a cucumber is 50cents, and 50ents is still 50 cents.


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