banana snack

Lucy and I had a light afternoon snack. Great for a hot summer’s day. Banana yoghurt. Made from a chilled banana and Greek yoghurt. Instead of using the blender, this time, I mashed the banana with a fork. The texture was so much better, more exciting, because there were still mini chunks of banana to bite into. Lucy had never eaten banana before in her previous life at the kennels. When I first offered it to her, she gazed at it with her adorable Greyhound puzzled face, delicately sniffed at it, and stared at it for a long time before attempting to eat it. Now she loves banana, especially when mashed into yoghurt, which is another of her favourite treats. I do quite often add a dollop of yoghurt into her food. It helps lessen the Greyhound tummy gas.

It doesn’t look great, but it tastes yum!


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