snack attack

Yes, I am super stressed. The effect of too much external stimuli lately. Too many happenings, too much anxiety too.

First forgetting the keys and having had to call the landlady etc drama. To anyone, it can be mildly stressful, but easily gotten over soon as the doors are opened and one is once more safely ensconced in one’s abode. Not for the Aspie. Anxiety carries on for days and weeks thereafter. Then Lucy had that accident a couple of days later. That super anxiety day is still making my heart beat fast. And the other night I fell unceremoniously on the pavement when Lucy’s legs got tangled up with mine – all because of excitement over some silly little fluffy doggy walking by, and my own lack of proprioceptive equilibrium as a result of the whole exciting event. No, I was not hurt. Just shaken and a little stirred up the wrong way. I have been worrying about Lucy’s wounds healing too. Taken longer than usual, but I was told this is normal for Greyhounds because of their very thin and delicate skin. Lucy has taken to running away and squealing each time she sees the chlorhexidine spray bottle. She hates it. Is it the sensation of the wound being sprayed, or is it the smell of the stuff? No idea, if only she could talk. But then again… hmmm…

Good news is also stressful. And I have had some good news too. Something to do with an arts journal, and two exhibitions. It means a lot of work in store and work is always good news to me. I love my work, especially if it is not having to write endless babble, though I am pretty cool with babble since I always have so much to waffle on about anyway. I am most chuffed too, that I managed to lug a bunch of discarded pine wood planks, a chair, a trolley and some other stuff up the dark damp smelly stairs at the art studio to my space. I had to go up and down several times, but it was an achievement of sorts because I didn’t feel too dizzy and didn’t feel too physically strained by the activity. Unlike the other time I did something similar, I felt I was going to fall down the stairs or just die from overstrain, and I had a bad back afterwards. This wasn’t exactly a cinch but I did well, and even had energy to walk the 1.2km distance home, but I decided to take a bus because I was worried about Lucy being alone. A friend very kindly helped me transport the stuff from my place to the studio, but there was no parking available there, so he just unloaded the things at the entrance and I told him he could leave because he was rushing off to another appointment anyway. So I spent the next half hour lugging the bits up, a few at a time.

The new-found stamina is probably thanks to Lucy, really, because I have been walking five times a day for the last few months that she’s been with me. Ah, the wonder Greyhound!

So, pounding headache, vertigo and other autoimmune triggers aside, I am doing fine. And somehow voraciously hungry!

Snack attack. Sliced potato, salt, pepper, olive oil, microwaved on plate for 6 minutes. Voila!


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