anxiety sprouts

Bean sprouts. An Asian staple. I never did like bean sprouts very much, they have a certain rancid-like, sharp smell. But I do like the crunchy texture. Ah well! Anyhow, being far from Asia somehow does change one’s taste buds somewhat. I have been eating more of the stuff than I ever did back home or while in Hong Kong.

Coles stocks some rather fresh packets of bean sprouts for only AU$1.50, plucked and cleaned, so I do occasionally pick up a pack. Today, I stirfried the remainder of the pack with preserved yellow beans and sambal chilli. Had half of it with the trust old instant noodles and half a chicken breast that I had previously baked in Hainanese Chicken Rice marinade.

Feeling some anxiety over Lucy’s wounds today. I changed her dressing before we went to the vet’s this morning. Found that the leg with the more serious wound is still not healed as well as I had hoped. Weepy and slight bleeding. It could’ve been the old dressing tearing some of the surface skin off while I undressed her. She whined a little then but she was brave. It was when I was attempting to put a new dressing back on that she began to yell bloody murder. She didn’t nip or snap at me at all, though, which many dogs would do, and which demonstrated both her docile, sweet nature as well as her trust for me. She was being super sooky, that was all. But it had me in a tizzy and a panic, and it was high anxiety mode from then on.

At the vet, she behaved remarkably well! She whine a little but none of the bloody murderous screaming. Ah well, that girl sure knows who she can bully! Anyhow, the vet cleaned her wound, redressed her, and told us to return on Thursday again. Hopefully, by then, she should be well enough for the stitches to be removed.

Been experiencing anxiety episodes ever since Lucy hurt herself on Monday. A whole weak of sharper than usual senses and wafting, nebulous depression. Not a productive week for me. I need to get back to work, desperately, but somehow my mind has been in the marshmallow dumps.

There is always food, though…


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